Wood Farmhouse End Table

Farmhouse end table – You can build a simple end table for your living room or red room with the help of a few pieces of wood that have been measured and cut to the appropriate size. To do this, you must decide how big you want the final table to be. The complete final table should fit nicely on the side of the couch and measure about 18 inches wide by 24 inches deep. How to build wood farmhouse end table. Measure a ¼-inch piece of birch plywood to 18-to-24 inches of tape. Make an incision mark with pen and cut plywood to this length with the table saw. This will be top of the table. Measure a ¼-inch piece of birch plywood to 14 through-24 inches. Make an incision mark with pen and cut plywood to this length with the table saw. This will be the bottom shelf of the table.
Then to build wood farmhouse end table. Measure a 4-by-4 board to 21 ¾ inches. Make an incision mark with pencil and cutting board using the circular saw. Repeat this step to cut three lengths. These will be the legs of the table. Measure 3 inches on each cut 4-by-4 boards and make a mark with the pencil. Make a ¼-inch cut that is 2 inches deep into each board with a table saw. Place a glue string in ¼ inch slot in 4-by-4 board. Place the track on 4-by-4 over the corner edges 14-by-24-inch piece of birch plywood. Make sure the edge of birch plywood and 4-by-4 boards are flush. Allow at least 6 hours for the glue to dry.
Set the 18-by-24-inch piece of birch plywood on top of the 4-by-4 boards. Drill a pilot hole for a screw through the plywood and 1½ inches in 4-by-4 with the drilling machine. Apply small amount of glue to the top of the 4-by-4 legs. Drive a screw through the top of the plywood and into the 4-by-4 boards. Cover the top of the screws with wood putty. Sand the wood filler and any rough edges that you find on the table with sandpaper. Tips and warnings. Apply paint or stain to the farmhouse end table. Change the dimensions and measurements to make a matching coffee table.

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