To Care Antique Marble Top End Tables

Marble top end tables are elegant and attractive, so you can invite guests at a dinner party and show off your taste. When you make an expensive purchase like a marble-topped table, you need to properly care for the marble to get the most from your home decor investment. Cleaning and maintenance of marble, you can keep the marble top end tables display for many years. Antique marble top tables add a classic, elegant touch to any room. The smooth marble disc is often paired with a rich wood base to provide a warmer aesthetic. Marble and wood require different care and cleaning methods to maintain their appearance. Marble can etch or dissolve when exposed to acidic materials, and wood requires deep cleaning to remove old dirt and wax build up. Keep your antique marble slab board as dust-free and dry as possible, and clean it regularly to remove built-up and restore shine.
Cleaning marble top end tables. Fill a bowl of 1 liter of hot water and add 1 tbsp. Of mild, non-lemon detergent. Dip a sponge into the bucket and twist it out. Wipe the antique board carefully with the sponge, avoiding sensitive metal trim. Rinse the fungus into the bucket as it gets dirty. Rinse the sponge with clean water and wipe over the marble hanger table to remove any soap residue. Wipe the table properly with a towel. If marble shows less scratches or etching, consider putting the table.
Polishing marble top end tables. Moisten the marble countertop with a damp cloth. Sprinkle a thin, even layer of marble polishing powder onto the marble worktop. Buff the marble countertop with a clean, damp cloth until the etching or scratch marks are gone. Wipe away any debris with a clean damp cloth. Wipe the marble properly with a towel. If wooden parts in the table look dull after cleaning, polish with a paste wax. Damp a delicate trim with a soft brush or duster. Use undercoats for drinking glasses to prevent water rings. Wipe any spill immediately with a damp cloth or sponge. Wipe the table carefully. Do not use strong or acidic marble cleaners. Do not float antique tables with water when cleaning.

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