Tiling Green Bathroom Vanities

Green bathroom vanities and stool are a pretty addition to a bathroom in ivory or pastel gray walls. Adding a tiled bench to your vanity can change the entire decor of your bathroom. With hundreds of tile patterns on the market today can match or create any style you like. You can install a beautiful lake scene or limit your bench with no more effort than usual tiles. With so many choices, it is the most difficult part of the tiling pick out the color, shape and texture you want. With a little work, you can create a bathroom vanity top that is beautiful and durable.

Remove the sink and old vanity top if there is one. It is very important that your green bathroom vanities to be level. Using a 4-foot level, check the front and back and side to side. Use shims underneath if it’s out there. When you have that level measurements of your plywood. The top can be the same size as your vanity or an inch larger in front and on both sides. If you have bought a new sink, it would have come up with a pattern to cut the opening. If you are reusing a sink place it upside down on the plywood where it needs to be for plumbing. Trace around it. Measure from the edge of the sink to the inside. For example, let’s say it is 2 inches. Measure two inches inside your track mark and draw the cut out again. This is where you would cut the sink. Use a drill to make a whole big enough for your jig saw blade to fit in and then cut the opening for your sink with a jigsaw.

Place a water resistant barrier over the plywood. Trim it to just hang over the edges of the wood, both on the outside and in the opening of the sink. Measure backer board to the same size and plywood. You can cut the backer board by scoring it with a utility knife and bend it over. Place the backer board on top of the plywood and go into green bathroom vanities and trace out the sink opening. Depending on the color of your backer board, you may need to use chalk. Take the piece and cut the opening for the sink with a utility knife. Put it back on and fasten with cement screws. Check the level again. Sometimes plywood or backer board something and you want to make sure that you have the level. The vanity should have pieces of wood to attach the bench to. Make sure you have your back against the wall butting tightly. Once you have that all-level industrial, attached bench to vanity. Place a few wide painters tape from half above the bench top wall to prevent thin set or grout get it.

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