Mosaic Patio Table Ideas

Mosaic patio table – Mosaic is the decorative art of creating images and patterns on a surface by establishing small pieces of colored glass, marble or other materials, which are placed in a bed of cement, plaster or adhesive. It is employed as a form of interior or exterior decoration, and was originally developed in ancient Greece. The mosaics were developed extensively by the roman craftsmen, especially in the form of pavements. Later, during the byzantine art era, some artists specialized in creating mosaic designs on the walls, and were recognized for their brilliant masterpieces of gold and multicolored glass.
If your intention is to make your mosaic patio table be more than a place to place your drink or your favorite food, you can resort to this technique. You can add to your table a very great value, adding texture, color, and especially your intervention. You can turn your garden table into a table with design, color and joy. If the table is small, you can buy tiles at your local craft store, but if not, choosing large leftover tiles from a home improvement store or a floor store may be a better choice for you. You can choose to buy some square tiles that can be used around the perimeter of the table to create a border. You can also choose special corner pieces or a centerpiece for the center.
Break the mosaic patio table to the size you choose. Put a tile or plaque in a large paper bag or towel and hammer from the outside of the bag to beat the tiles until they break. Check periodically to see how they are breaking the tiles and if it is necessary to keep hitting or we have already achieved the desired size. You can also use a trowel or tile to cut the tiles into pieces with straight edges. You can skip this if your tiles are smaller and you have already found the sizes you want. Place a pattern on your table from the edges to work depending on it. Try not to get the tiles apart because the grout can crack. Make a model of your choice. If you choose to use a centerpiece for your mosaic table, start by the borders of your design. If the pattern is very complex, try drawing a sketch at the top of the table to use as a guide. A dry run may be too long for detailed parts.

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