Installing Sliding Barn Doors Lowes

The sliding barn doors Lowes can add a realistic look to any garden shed or at work shed. The backbone of these doors is the guide and the rollers that are attached to the doors of the building and allow them to slide freely. Most people can install tracks and rollers for barn doors in a couple of hours. Double the measured width of the door opening to determine the required length of the track. Cut the track to the required length using an alternative saw or saw equipped with a metal cutting blade. Determine the mounting style of the track. It will either mount with the clips that come with the track kit or by screwing through tabs that are welded to the top of the track. If clips are used, simply slide on the track at the ends and in the space evenly.
Mount the track to the wall, with the screws provided, with the bottom of the track three inches above the top of the sliding barn doors Lowes opening. Make sure the track is level. Choose which side of the door opening to slide and mount the track flush with the other side. Place the door face down and place the rollers one to two inches below the top edge of the door. Begin by placing rollers by six inches on each side and distribute the rest equally among them. Use a pencil to mark the screw holes and remove the rollers. Make a hole through the door in each mark, using a drill bit that is as wide as the screw holes.
Insert the carriage bolts included with the rollers on the front of the sliding barn doors Lowes and through the rollers on the back of the door. Adjust with the supplied washers and nuts. Attach a piece of scrap wood over the front of the door when it is drilled to avoid tearing it out on the front of the door. There may be the specific dimensions listed in the instructions that come with the track kit and the roller.

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