Ideas to Install Sliding Door Blinds

Sliding door blinds are a perfect design and decoration resource for those who seek to save or gain square meters in their home. Contrary to what is thought, this type of sliding enclosure is not only confined to the bathroom or the door of the closets, thanks to its versatility and design innovations, these doors have earned their place in all corners and rooms of the house, creating mobile divisions, hiding furniture and making any space much larger and more spacious. If you want to save space in the apartment because of the door, in this case, you can install sliding door. By default, the door when you open the full width of the corridor, but it is not very convenient.
In addition, this type of door is very convenient for disabled people because there is no need to open the door itself, and no thresholds. Before you can buy all you need to preinstall a sliding door should measure the doorway. It should be remembered that the size of the door leaf that you buy should be seven centimeters more than the door. After measuring the doorway, the door and purchase right tool you can start immediately with the installation of the sliding door blinds. Attach the metal rod to the wooden beam with screws in length from 25 to 35 mm. Next, using long screws or anchors with plastic plugs to attach to the wall Kennan with the bar. Bar horizontal in line with a water pass.
At the bottom of the door leaf with a slot make the chisel. Then attach the bottom vertically below the lower belt of the metal strip. In this case, exactly setting the roller allowed normal use. Further wear on the door leaf lower roller. Then you can fasten and the upper rollers. Adjust so that the door does not remove beyond the rail and stop. Side in a box-like rack I’ll cross the door when you close it will be. It is attached by means of corner metal plugs on the wall. Then camouflage transoms area. Nail trim, using finishing nails. Then screw the door handles. Location pens are determined after the final installation of the door. All sliding door blinds installed.

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