Ideas Medium Wood Bathroom Vanities

Medium wood bathroom vanities include faucet, sink, counter and cabinet under the sink. Vanity encloses sink pipes and provides storage space in the bathroom. Many vanity tops come with a built-in sink, so installing a new vanity requires little construction. Ask for help to lift the vanity top when you install it on the cabinet, as they often stone and very heavy. Measure the height and width of the new vanity with a tape measure. Measure the height and width of the wall where you want to place the vanity, so you have an outline of where the vanity will go. Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs in the measured area. Mark the locations of the studs. Measure the distance from the markers you’ve done plumbing pipes coming out of the wall. If your vanity is not backless, measure the same distance on the back of vanity and cut out the back with a hacksaw so the pipes will fit through the back.

New medium wood bathroom vanities top on a flat surface with the sink top. Filling the slots on the back of the filler plate for the new crane with plumbers putty and press the faucet holes in the sink. Press deck plate during the stopper plate and then thread the tap and water lines through tap hole. Tilt the commode on its side so you can access the water lines. Slide the faucet’s metal tray of water lines and secure the tile with a long nut. A ring of plumbers putty at the underside of the sink drain flange press Connect spigot in the drain hole properly. Screw the sink threaded flange on the drain flange from the other side of the sink, and then tighten the lock nut. Screw on the tail pipe piece of tape so the plumber pop-holes pointing towards the rear of the vanity top. Install pop-up lever and sink plug according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which vary.

Medium wood bathroom vanities in place against the wall, following the markings you made earlier. Hold a level against the back and sides of the vanity to make sure that it is level. If not, the wood shims under the vanity until it is level. Safe vanity by inserting screws through the vanity and in the selected studs. Using a drill to insert the screws. Insert at least one screw in each corner of the vanity and one in the middle. Squeeze a silicone strand along the upper edge of the vanity and lower vanity top in place. Press firmly into the commode silicone sealant. Under the sink, attach the P-lock sink tail piece by tightening the p-trap nut. Connect the water supply lines to the hot and cold taps.

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