How to Paint Workbench Surface

Workbench surface – after several years of falling hammer, save cuts and other bear it your wooden work table, he commissions. If you plan to reuse or just to fix up your work area, cover the table and legs with a fresh coat of paint. Before the first drop of paint primer and of the surface of the wood, save for preparations, to ensure that the products comply effectively. Push a pair of glasses, mask and rubber gloves. Prepare a mixture of tri-sodium phosphate 1 tablespoonful teaspoonful and 1/4 gallon hot water. Removing the water completely dissolve tsp is a weak degreaser. Moisten a plastic brush with tsp blend to scrub and clean the surface of the worktop that you want to paint. Tsp struck drops of paint, grease or other difficult spots. Moisten a cloth with warm water and rinse tsp mixture. Allow the kitchen to dry completely before proceeding.
Check the workbench surface for holes, scratches or chips. If you do not repair these imperfections, go to the next step. Other if you complete the needles with wooden kit. Lightweight kit with your fingers and work a bunch of old holes. Let set the kit after the address pack before painting with the surrounding tree with 180 sandpaper grain. Clean abrasive dust with a sticky cloth. Apply a thin layer of primer or sealer at table with a natural brush. The combination primer or missing in the tree and protects against moisture damage. Allow to dry for at least three to four hours primer or sealer before proceeding.
Apply a thin layer of semi-gloss latex paint with a natural brush. The semi-gloss finish gives a beautiful shine, which is easier to clean and maintain. Let it dry the first layer at least two to three hours before applying another layer. Leave to dry for at least three to four hours, the second layer of semi-gloss latex paint before applying a waterproof sealant to clear lacquer. With a foam brush, apply clear paint, wipe wood panels against moisture and future damage to protect. Leave the dry sealant at least 24 to 48 hours before using the workbench surface.

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