DIY Mosaic Glass Kitchen Counter

Glass kitchen counter – A mosaic is one-of-a-kind works of art that can be proudly displayed in your home. Consider resurfacing kitchen counter with recycled glass. Using recycled glass tiles to create a mosaic masterpiece is creative and environmentally friendly. Recycled glass is sold as glass tiles and even that tumbled glass. Glass tiles are often shiny and have added pigment to adjust the color. You can use either of the mosaics. Your new drives will show your sense of style and your dedication to using recycled materials. Place a large piece of brown butcher paper the same size as your calculator. Draw a sketch of the kitchen counter on the paper.

Place your glass tiles in the pattern that will be followed desk. Spread a small amount of water-soluble glue on the glass tiles. Set the tiles on the butcher block paper. Pressure plates tightly together to create your design. Fill in the entire disk of the paper. Let the glue dry. Spread the tile adhesive on the glass kitchen counter with a trowel. Glue should be about 1/4 inch thick. Turn on brown paper over so that the plates will be stuck in the glue. Ask a friend to help you so that the trays are lined up properly before you keep them in the glue. Run your hands over brown paper properly, press the tiles firmly into the adhesive. Let the glue dry overnight. Scale brown paper from the peaks of the plate. Spray the paper with water to loosen it.

Spread the grout into the spaces between the recycled glass. Spread the mortar until it is evenly distributed and all air pockets are eliminated. Dip a sponge in clean water. Clean the grout and glue from the front of the recycled glass. Rinse your sponge often and continue to clean the tiles until all residue is removed. Let the mortar dry. You can choose to apply glass tile directly to the glass kitchen counter instead of using butcher paper. The indirect method of application (with butcher paper) gives a slightly more level surface for your calculator. Keep in mind that when you use butcher paper, the opposite side of the plate facing up when applied to the counters.

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