DIY Grey Console Table

Grey console table – Before you throw out an old furniture, think about what it still might have to offer. Items in good, marginal and, sometimes, even bad condition are still useful. With some ingenuity, some basic tools and a few hours of work, you can reuse old tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets and other items to create storage, extra seating or workspace. Recycle is a cheap, friendly hobby that allows you to produce stylish and utilitarian furniture solutions. Cut a small dining table in half, or remove the brackets and slides from below an adjustable table to create a console table. Screw three hinge brackets on the underside of the table with one side of the brackets as well as the edge. Attach the consoles to the wall.
Cut the legs on high tables into a uniform, that shorter length makes a coffee table or side table. If the top is damaged, trim the fiber wad to the size of the tabletop and cover it with fabric. Staple the fabric to the underside of the table and cover with a self-adhesive blanket for a bench or footrest. Remove the hard disk drive, pull the boxes from the base. Stack the drawers on their sides to create shelves. Drill holes through the bottom of each shelf and install a bolt, washer, and nut through each hole to secure the device. Paint or refinish grey console table as desired.
Paint an old entertainment center, desk or armoire, remove shelves and drawers and place it outside or in a different sunny position. Fill the play with potted plants and plant material during the growing season. If you are tired of how grey console table looks, paint it over. You must strip the old paint or the paint and sand the play first. You can use a palm grinder to make the job faster, but grinding machines can remove too much by. Better to fold a piece of sandpaper in the fourth and true play by hand. How good a bit looks at painting depends on how well you are prepared and grounded by wooden furniture.

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