DIY Base for Oval Coffee Tables

Oval coffee tables – Concrete casting allows you to create a dramatic double-column basis for an oval glass coffee table. Corrugated Boxes, available on packaging and moving supply stores, and cheap plastic bowls are used as casting forms. In addition to their use as table bases, they can weather the concrete pillars supporting the bird bath or sundial for striking additions to the garden. By mixing the concrete with peat and vermiculite is a light hypertufa stone created for the columns.
These are instructions to make base of oval coffee tables. First, mix 20 pounds of Portland cement, 20 kg of peat and 20 pounds of vermiculite in the wheelbarrow with fillers. Add water, one cup at a time, and mix until the cement is the consistency of oatmeal. Then open a short side of a cardboard box and remove the tabs with the craft knife. Attach the short side of the box to the plywood with duct tape. Repeat with the remaining board. Next you need to fill in the boxes with the cement mixture and smooth top edges with filler. Then spray the plastic bowls with the release spray. Fill the bowls with concrete mixture and smooth the top with the spatula.
Let dry cement to 48 hours. Rip carton from the columns and pull the cement from the bowls. And then fastening the bottom of a cup-shaped concrete form to the end of a cement column with epoxy adhesive. Attach the bottom of the remaining cup-shaped form to the opposite end of the column. Attach the cup-shaped forms to the remaining cement column. Let the glue dry for 24 hours. Place columns side by side in the oval coffee tables to complete the coffee table. How? It’s so simple right. Not to simple but still easy to do with this guideline. Considering first all of thing needed for this project before you starting. Do the best for your home sweet home. Make your guest comfort in the living room with your coffee table and modern room decoration sense. When you have a time, do what you want.

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