Decorating Eclectic Bathroom Vanities

Eclectic bathroom vanities – Set the tone of your bathroom design with a distinctive vanity. Vanity is often a focal point in the bathroom; mark your with colored glass, tile or old fashioned charm. Whether your style is traditional, eclectic, contemporary, rustic or modern, you can modify an existing vanity or furniture that fits aesthetically. Reuse an antique dresser as a decorative bathroom vanity by removing center box and cut holes in the back for plumbing fixtures. Cut a hole in the top center of the dresser to fit a sink or installing a bowl-style sink that sits on top of the dresser. If you prefer a more waterproof surface vanity than the old wood, remove top and replace it with marble or granite. Replace drawer fronts at the firm, but save the actual boxes in case you decide to convert vanity to an agency. Hang a mirror to complete the vanity design.

Eclectic bathroom vanities covering an existing or unfinished vanity with sea glass mosaic to create a light and airy design for bathrooms. Removing an installed vanity and painting doors, drawer fronts and sides white or another light color. Let the paint dry. Place the vanity so that one side is facing up. Glue sea glass to painted areas using some epoxy glue. Spread glue on the back of the glass sea, and on a small part of the vanity. Wait 60 seconds for the glue to activate before pressing the adhesive-coated surfaces together; hold the glass in place for a minute. Repeat the process to cover the sides and front of the vanity cabinet, door faces and drawer fronts. Reinstall the vanity cabinet, and add a bright marble top and sink.

Decorate eclectic bathroom vanities cabinet with ceramic, glass or river rock tiles to coordinate with the design of your bathroom. Installing 4-inch-square or smaller plates of a painted or stained surface with waterproof glue. Space on glass or ceramic tiles with spacers to create a uniform pattern. River rock slabs found in interlocking sheets so that the finished design appear more natural. When the glue dries, the grout gaps between the tiles in a color to match your design. A complement to traditional or beach-themed bathroom with beadboard vanity. Cut one or two of beadboard panels to fit over the existing vanity cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Glue the beadboard vanity with waterproof construction glue and secure the perimeter with finishing nails. Install decorative trim around the edges of the panels using the same process. Beadboard is often sold pre-primed in white. After the vanity cabinet is covered, paint beadboard with latex paint designed for high humidity areas.

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