Cool French Bedside Tables

French bedside tables – cut out the parts, select and drill. Select the legs where the short sides are to be attached. Drill a bit deeper than half the plug’s length in the legs with the drill that comes with the plug drill bit. Push the pins into the boreholes. Insert the pins into the boreholes and push the end of the short sides to the stylus to get a mark for where to drill for the plug. Drill in the selection; drill your selection in the short edge of the short side. Drill a bit deeper than half the length of the plug.
To make French bedside tables, glue and mount. Glue both in the plug holes and on the end wood. Assemble one side at a time; use forcing until the glue is dried. When two sides are ready, it is time to put the rest of the underlay together as before. Cast the bolts in the concrete that you attach to. Mount the bolts on a piece of wood, which you remove when the concrete has stiffened and put down the bolts head in the concrete. Release carefully, when the base is assembled and the glue has dried, grind all sharp edges with a grinding block and 120 papers. Basic measure & paint. Ground measure and paint undercoat and ribs to the shelf. The ribbons will be mounted later. Pull out the parts of the mold while the paint dries.
Then to make French bedside tables, make a nice surface for the concrete. We chose to tap the bottom of the mold which then becomes the top of the concrete slab with a structural loss. Then the disc gets a nice pattern. Make the shape. Put the mold together with the nail gun. Produce the concrete slab. Mix to the concrete as described. It must not get too tight, and then it will flow badly. Pour half of the concrete, lay in the reinforcement and then fill with concrete up to the edge of the mold. Tap a hammer on the mold so that the concrete flows out and the air disappears from the concrete.

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