Best Marble Top Coffee Table

Marble top coffee table comes in almost any shape and size. Round, oval, square and rectangular shapes are the most common and most readily available. However, it is possible to also find coffee tables are hexagonal or even clover shaped. Homeowners can also build their own marble coffee table and request a specific size and shape by marble manufacturers. The bases used for marble top can vary the overall look and feel of the coffee table. For example, a wooden bases either being simultaneous, contemporary or traditional, depending on the style and color of the wood and the color and shape of the marble disc. Meanwhile, wrought iron bases either traditional or contemporary, depending on the look of wrought iron and staining the marble top. A pedestal-style base can make the room feel elegant Victorian or on darker colors are used, but the same table in different colors such as white marble paired with a white base can also make the room feel shabby chic or cottage chic.
Price for marble top coffee table can vary greatly depending on the style, size and even the age. Antique marble table can go for $ 100 or several thousand dollars, depending on the condition and quality of the table. While newly manufactured marble coffee table can also be relatively low in price, starting at around $ 150 and go up to thousands. Marble coffee table is a good option for those who do not want to shell out the money for best marble top tables. Advances in manufacturing have created faux marble tops that look real, making it difficult to distinguish between a true marble coffee table and a faux one. Faux marble coffee costs significantly less, as low as $ 60.
Take care of true marble top coffee table. Natural stone is beautiful, but it does require very specific care. Marble top coffee table is surprisingly absorbent, so spills and strong detergents can cause serious damage to the marble look. Avoid products that contain a lot of acid, including “all purpose” cleaners and vinegar. Instead, opt for neutral detergent that phosphate-free biodegradable liquid soap or simply with a damp cloth. If spills occur, clean them up immediately to minimize the damage. Acidic drinks such as soda and orange juice can be particularly harmful if not cleaned up immediately.

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